How I don’t eat bread and rice, what I eat instead

Many of you probably cannot imagine a life without bread and rice.  I bet you are thinking: “What on earth will I eat with my food instead rice, and what will I take to work instead of sandwiches???”  Oh, don’t be so dramatic, I am here to assure you, that alternatives are very easy.

In my experience bread is just a waste of good space in your tummy.  The white variety just fills you for a moment (I need to eat 6 slices to feel full for about 30 minutes after which I’m hungry again).  The low GI kind just hangs around in my tummy for far too long.  I’m not sure if I agree with the goodness of low GI.  Food should go down shouldn’t it?  Not just hang around in one’s tummy.  I have to admit though, I’m not too clued up on what low GI is supposed to do.  Rice, I have nothing much against, except that I’d fill the space with something more nutritious instead.   I usually end up eating waytoo much food when I eat rice, feeling stuffed and bloated for hours.  Maybe just a bad habit.  With my rice alternatives, even if I overeat, the food seems to ‘go down’ easier.  Which is great if you suffer from reflux (like I do).

My fillers are bulgur wheat, sprouts, couscous, wraps

bulgur wheat

Bulgur wheat is a wholesome rice replacement, containing lots and lots of protein, so that starchy bloated feelings are just things of the past.  From salads to stir fry.  Just cover 1 part bulgur wheat with 1 and a half parts boiling water and let stand for 20 minutes.  Then its ready.   There are lots of ways to add some substance to bulgur wheat to make it the main component of a full quick and easy meal.  I’ll cover some of my ideas in a future post.


Couscous is I do when I am in a great big hurry.  I don’t do it often because its quite starchy (Its made from Semolina),  and weighs  heavy on my tummy (not as bad as rice though), so I have to be careful about portions.  But its quicker than bulgur wheat and apparantly also contains quite a nice amount of protein. Cover one part Couscous with one part boiling water, and let stand for 5 to 10 minutes.  The same that can be done with bulgur wheat can be done with couscous.


Sprouts are awesome.  The best kind of carbohydrates on planet earth, with lots of fibre and protein.  My favorite sprouts are lentils because they are the least complicated, and they have a nicer taste, in my opinion.  I use them in practically everything I eat.  I don’t buy, I make my own because the shops here in South Africa sell you a handful for a very high price.  Its so easy and cheap to make.  The way I eat sprouts, I would go broke quickly if I had to buy my supply.  I’ll post my quick and easy method for making sprouts in a future post.


Wraps I do when I am bored of the other stuff.  Not too much because they are just dough really, which is not good, but one for the day is not too bad I think.  The main things I stuff into my wraps are actually sprouts.

So how do I avoid sandwiches and still pack a lunch for a day at work?  Well, I fill my lunch box with the concoctions I make with the things above.  and pack a spoon for a fork.  Its not a mission at all, and this kind of lunch keeps me full for much longer than a sandwich.

By the way, did you notice that NONE of the above actually need to be cooked, which is great for a person who hates cooking (like me).


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