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Split Peas Humus

This is what it looks like (pardon the terrible photograph).  A lot like guacamole hey.
One fine day, I decided to attempt traditional humus (using chick peas), and it turned out so surprisingly wonderful, but it was HEAVY on my stomach, and it sat in my throat for too many hours. I got to wondering about other possibilities, like split peas humus, and then I tried it and it came out fantastic!  Alot lighter than chick peas, creamy, very tasty.  Besides all of that, split peas are cheaper and easier to find than chickpeas (at least in South Africa).  This (or any other dip in fact) is perfect with slices of cucumber (instead of tortilla chips or bready things).   Prep time (besides the overnight soaking) is about 12 minutes max.  Most time spent to get the ingredients out of their hiding places.


strainer, stove, pot, blender, knife, serving dish and maybe a spoon.


Half a pack of split peas

2 cloves of garlic (or 1 table spoon of pre-chopped garlic)

2 generous squirts of lemon juice (I suppose half of half a lemon would be equivalent)

3 sploshes of olive oil (probably 4 table spoons)

3 shakes of Aromat (or just a few pinches of plain salt)

2 tablespoons tahini


Soak split peas overnight. Then, drain it, and put it in a pot with 3/4 cup of water.  Once it comes to a boil, let it steam like that for about 5 minutes – not too long or the split peas will burn and stick to the bottom of the pot (which might add an interesting smoky flavour to the finished product actually).

Chuck everything in the blender and blend till creamy and delicious looking .. et voila!  Eat up with some sliced cucumber (which is better than crackers or any other dip eating assistant food thingies!)  If you would like to waste some more of your precious time, you could also slice up some carrots to dip.  Lets be honest with ourselves.  This is enough for at least two meals.  A lazy, single person knows.

Other stuff you could put in that I’m sure would taste divine  but I haven’t actually tried are 1/2 teaspoon turmeric (this turned my traditional humus into super divine humus), and a splosh of balsamic vinegar (for extra tang!)

Traditional humus can be made the same way, replacing split peas with chick peas.  Instead of using canned chickpeas (very bad for you), you can simply soak the dry kind overnight and steam for a few minutes like with the split peas.