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Sweet potato and Oatmeal pancakes – Gluten and lactose free!


These were delightfully tasty, and quick and easy to make.  Please note, I do not include sweetener in my recipe, I would top with banana slices or berries afterwards to sweeten.  You are however free to add your preferred form of sweetener, to the batter or to top afterwards.


1 cup oats

1 medium cooked and skinned sweet potato (I used the purple skinned variety because of its naturally lovely sweetness and aroma)

1/2 cup coconut milk

2 tablespoons cooking oil

1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon fine cinnamon

Method:  process all the ingredients in food processor till a smooth, fine consistency.   Scoop blobs of batter into a medium/hot pan moistened with oil, and turn over after 30 seconds, let the other side brown and then remove from pan. Enjoy as is, or top with your favorite choice of topping.  I use banana slices, berries, honey, coconut cream.


Flourless pancakes

flourless pancakes

edit:  I wouldn’t call this a pancake, its more like a flapjack.  And its nearly impossible to get it golden brown like in the picture.  I think those are pics of flour flapjacks.  The trick it to make them small, so that its possible to flip them over without breaking them.  They taste ranges from ok to nice.   and I suppose would be nicer if some rice flour or other wheat alternative is mixed in.  Nice with a topping, like banana/coconut cream/berries etc.


Sprouts are so easy to make.  And it will only cost you about 10 seconds per day for 3 to 5 days.  I’ve tried mung beans, chick peas, and lentils.  Mung bean sprouts used to be my favourite, but then I bought a bad batch of mung beans where only some beans sprouted and others stayed hard, so I was a bit put off and stuck to lentils only.  I don’t like the chick pea sprouts much because they seem to ferment along the way smelling sour and they don’t keep for long in the fridge.  What I do like doing with chick peas is just to soak them overnight and eat them like that.  So here’s the lazy way to make sprouts.

You will need a large glass jar and a sieve that fits into the head of the jar (see the picture).   These are not hard to find.

Bad photograph again, but you get the picture right. This is my jar of half developed sprouts (after 2 days they have a root but not yet a stem).
1) Empty a small packet of lentils into the jar,  and fill the jar halfway or more with water and let the lentils soak overnight.

2) Next morning the lentils should have swelled substantially, place your sieve ontop of the jar, and hold it firmly in place while you tilt to let the water strain out.

3) Pour some fresh water over the sprouts and tip over again with the sieve to rinse.  Then let stand like that upside down resting on the sieve (like in the photo).

4) Repeat the rinse every morning AND night until the sprouts are ready (there will be a root and a stem)

Sprouting time varies between 3 to 5 days.  Faster in warmer temperatures.  Once its ready simply put the lid on the jar and store it in your fridge.  Home sprouts stay fresh for 2 weeks or more.  Which compared to shop sprouts is excellent.  Not to mention its so cheap compared to the exorbitant price you pay for them in the shops.  I have 2 glass jars which I use for sprouting. So that I have a second jar to make more when I see the 1st jar of sprouts is running on reserve.

I use sprouts in basically everything.  If I’ve been eating really badly, I use my sprouts as I would rice.  There is no quicker way to drop weight you’ve put on than by making the main portion of your meal sprouts.  They are delicious with a bit of salt and a dollop of olive oil.  They work in stir-fries, on sandwiches, in wraps, in salads, as a quick fresh snack … you name it, it works.   And they’re delish, and healthy.  Keeps you regular too … if you know what I mean.