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Oatmeal Ice Cream: Best. Homemade. Vegan. Ice cream. EVER

about to try this out with cooked and blended oats, mixed with coconut milk (coconut milk made from coconut flakes). Oat milk and coconut milk are unstrained. I blended in a cup of sultanas for sweetness and a tot of vanilla extract. I’ll update with the result later on.


Creamy vegan goodness, covered in my mom’s hot-fudge sauce (made vegan)

This stuff is awesome. It is just utterly, completely the bomb. A few months ago, as temperatures got higher, I started my annual round of homemade vegan ice cream experimentation. Like many others, I seem to face the same problems every year: not creamy enough; too watery; doesn’t freeze well; doesn’t resemble ice cream, etc. etc. This is the first summer I’ve experimented with oats as an ice cream base, and I was delighted with the results. So were the people (vegans and omnis alike) to whom I served it.

Isn’t this sundae cup simply adorable? I found it in our cupboard. I have no idea where it came from, but I love it!

Of course, as a disclaimer, I have to put that there are two completely standard but completely fabulous vegan ice cream recipes that are…

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Healthy Grape and Lemon Soda

You will need:

  • 1 small lemon
  • a handful of grapes
  • 5 or 6 ice cubes
  • 1/4 cup soda water
  • fresh mint


  • squeeze juice from the lemon
  • Add lemon juice, ice cubes, and grapes to the blender
  • Blend on High for 1 minute
  • Scoop blended mixture with some mint into a large glass
  • Add soda water and stir
  • Garnish with mint



Dairy-Free Nut-Free Basil Pesto is the Best-o

I’ve been wondering about those 2 most expensive ingredients. Now anyone’s tummy can smile 🙂

Fruit of Adventure

Dairy Free Nut Free Pesto

I remember my first taste of pesto. It was a warm summer night on an island off the coast of Maine after I had just completed the 8th grade. My mom and I were on an epic, two week road trip along the East coast with my maternal grandmother.

There are a few memorable moments seared in my brain from that trip. Like when my grandmother told my mother that I was ungrateful after leaving my used towels strewn about the bathroom floor in our hotel room (oops! still feel bad about that!). Or when I had my first (and only!) lucid dream while napping in our rental house on Cape Cod as my mom attended a conference presented by Will Schutz (my cat’s name happened to be Schutz!)

Most of all, I remember trying pesto for the first time. We were having dinner at an old friend’s of my…

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Super quick low-cal milk shake

I actually discovered this divine gift from the gods completely by accident.  Coming home from work on evening, I needed something not to heavy to silence my growling stomach while throwing together my supper.  My choice of ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup of chilled milk
  • 2 pitted dates
  • 1 small tot of vanilla essence


Pop the ingredients in a blender give it a wizz for a minute


And the result:


While its not as thick and decadent as an ice cream milk shake, it is deliciously smooth and creamy and definitely hits the spot.  I did not add additional sweetener, but feel free to sweeten to your liking.


Five minute banana ice cream

Got an ice cream craving but don’t want all the guilt?

what you’ll need:

  • 2 small sliced bananas (or 1 large one),  frozen in advance
  • 1/2 glass of full fat cows milk
  • 1 little tot of vanilla essence


pop all the ingredients in a blender


Give it a wizz for about a minute and voila! There you have it, rich creamy and delicious banana ice cream ready to delight your taste buds and kick your ice cream craving’s butt.  If you think 5 minutes was quick, see how fast you eat it up!


Might I add that I didn’t add extra sweetener.  Feel free to add some if you prefer.  There are recipes out there claiming that just blending a frozen banana and vanilla essence makes a delicious ice cream.  I beg to differ about that slimy mess that is totally not worth the brain freeze.  Adding half a glass of milk makes all the delicious difference and not that much more caloric expense.

I’ve popped it in the freezer to see if it stays ice creamy … lets hope.  I’ll post an update about that later.

Update:  The bad news is that after a couple of days in the freezer, the consistency was solid enough to be considered popsickle material, but definitely not scoopable ice cream.  The good news is that I could break it up with a butter knife, swirl it in the blender with a half glass of milk and that not only tripled the volume but came out even better than before 😀


Natural vs Processed foods

There is no way to eat healthy on processed foods. They are so dense in calories and so void of nutrients. Any form of calorie restriction on processed foods will leave you HUNGRY. Calorie counting goes hand in hand with processed foods. On natural food, one’s body knows when its had enough. Mother nature designed it that way. More volume, more nutrition, less calories! Two blocks of chocolate equals one big banana in calories, and has near to no vitamins and minerals. Hunger does not come from lack of calories. It comes from lack of vitamins and minerals. If hunger came from lack of calories, it would take a long time for the fat people of the world to start feeling hungry. What will make you feel more satisfied? A banana or two blocks of chocolate (I’m sure nobody normal can stop at just 2 blocks by the way). So even just one packet of chips will push you over the limit of calories you would use up in one day. One bag of corn puffs contains more than 1000 kilojoules, and that for eating, what feels like, air!!! Eating processed food is a recipe for perpetual failure.

Mixed veggie, sprout and avo special – Quick and wholesome lunch idea

The trick, to always packing a healthy lunch quickly, is to make sure you always have a supply of quick prep things available.  My two favorites are sprouts and frozen mixed veggies.  I always have a supply of sprouts (click here to see how easy it is to make your own) … well almost always, and mixed veggies … always in my freezer.

What I do is, just steam the mixed veggies the night before, mix that in a lunch box with a handful of sprouts, add sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, whatever I remember I have, and then pack in 2 boiled eggs, and an avo separate with that. Drizzle over some olive oil, and a teeny bit of salt.  Pack a knife and spoon 🙂 Eggs I have with some of the mixed veg and sprouts for brunch and the rest for lunch! Yay for 5 meals per day!


Butternut soup – Know what you’re eating

I came home last night, and the friend who is staying at my place was so sweet, she’d used the butternuts I’d cooked up the night before to make some deliciously fragrant butternut soup.  I am not a good cook, so I’m always asking people how they prepared this or that.  And if it seems doable enough, I may try it out some day.  She said, She’d cooked up onions and potato and put that in with the butternuts, and salt (oh shit), pepper, and STOCK (oh shit).  Salt overload.  What the fuck is inside stock? Does anyone even know?  I freak out when people use stock.  What’s wrong with a few spices, some herbs and the natural flavors of the actual ingredients (veggies, meat, fish, chicken etc)?  Is that not enough?  Using stock AND salt … Hello high blood pressure!  Hello water retention!  Hello swollen ankles!  Hello Gout!  Hello!  If you insist on using stock take the time to make stock, it would be better to make your own, so that you know exactly what is in it.  Personally, I’m too lazy to do that. The butternut soup was delicious by the standards of the oversalted toungue.  Bordering on way too salty and otherwise flavour overkilled for me (could have been a pot of the worlds ingredients all mished together and boiled, with no single ingredient identifiable – except the salt).  Instant heartburn.  She offered me panini, which I knew was probably a bad idea, but I was too weak to refuse.

If I made butternut soup, I’d do it this way:

Liquidize 2 cooked butternuts, with 2 cooked potatoes, perhaps a cooked sweet potato  might be nice to toss in as well, 2 browned onions, 2 tablespoons of braised garlic, MAYBE one tomato, teaspoon paprika (my favourite spice).  If I was feeling like a meaty pot, I’d braise some meat pieces (whatever I had in my freezer), with the onions and and pop that in as well.  Cook that up with a liter (or two) water till it thickens to a medium consistency.  If I was feeling especially inspired I would top with some coriander or parsely.  Let whoever put in their own salt or pepper.  I personally use very little or no salt for obvious health reasons.  I am tasting it already!  Mmmmm

Ps.  There’s nothing wrong with adding cream!  Fat is good for you, in moderation of course, and much safer than a salt or sugar overload.


Fairview Full Fat Yoghurt


Strained yoghurt and it’s preservative free!

Fairview Yoghurt |

It is finally here! *jumps of joy* I have been waiting for a real full fat yoghurt that is not a “Greek-style” yoghurt or full of preservatives or thickeners. Who else to release this full fat creamy goodness than Fairview Cheese.

From the fabulous producers of Labneh cheese, Fairview now offers a full fat yoghurt made from Jersey cow’s milk. You might wonder what makes this yoghurt any different to the one’s you find in South African stores. Well, the difference is…

  • NO added Sugars
  • NO added Starch
  • NO added Stabilisers
  • NO added Preservatives

Fairview full fat yoghurt |

Fairview full fat yoghurt |

Are you on a Low Carb, High Fat diet?

This is probably the best news for all the Banting #LCHF fanatics. As I regular person, preferring preservative free products. The Fairview full fat (strained) yoghurt is a winner for me. The yoghurt consist of  12% Fat, 9% Protein and…

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