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Butternut soup – Know what you’re eating

I came home last night, and the friend who is staying at my place was so sweet, she’d used the butternuts I’d cooked up the night before to make some deliciously fragrant butternut soup.  I am not a good cook, so I’m always asking people how they prepared this or that.  And if it seems doable enough, I may try it out some day.  She said, She’d cooked up onions and potato and put that in with the butternuts, and salt (oh shit), pepper, and STOCK (oh shit).  Salt overload.  What the fuck is inside stock? Does anyone even know?  I freak out when people use stock.  What’s wrong with a few spices, some herbs and the natural flavors of the actual ingredients (veggies, meat, fish, chicken etc)?  Is that not enough?  Using stock AND salt … Hello high blood pressure!  Hello water retention!  Hello swollen ankles!  Hello Gout!  Hello!  If you insist on using stock take the time to make stock, it would be better to make your own, so that you know exactly what is in it.  Personally, I’m too lazy to do that. The butternut soup was delicious by the standards of the oversalted toungue.  Bordering on way too salty and otherwise flavour overkilled for me (could have been a pot of the worlds ingredients all mished together and boiled, with no single ingredient identifiable – except the salt).  Instant heartburn.  She offered me panini, which I knew was probably a bad idea, but I was too weak to refuse.

If I made butternut soup, I’d do it this way:

Liquidize 2 cooked butternuts, with 2 cooked potatoes, perhaps a cooked sweet potato  might be nice to toss in as well, 2 browned onions, 2 tablespoons of braised garlic, MAYBE one tomato, teaspoon paprika (my favourite spice).  If I was feeling like a meaty pot, I’d braise some meat pieces (whatever I had in my freezer), with the onions and and pop that in as well.  Cook that up with a liter (or two) water till it thickens to a medium consistency.  If I was feeling especially inspired I would top with some coriander or parsely.  Let whoever put in their own salt or pepper.  I personally use very little or no salt for obvious health reasons.  I am tasting it already!  Mmmmm

Ps.  There’s nothing wrong with adding cream!  Fat is good for you, in moderation of course, and much safer than a salt or sugar overload.