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Natural vs Processed foods

There is no way to eat healthy on processed foods. They are so dense in calories and so void of nutrients. Any form of calorie restriction on processed foods will leave you HUNGRY. Calorie counting goes hand in hand with processed foods. On natural food, one’s body knows when its had enough. Mother nature designed it that way. More volume, more nutrition, less calories! Two blocks of chocolate equals one big banana in calories, and has near to no vitamins and minerals. Hunger does not come from lack of calories. It comes from lack of vitamins and minerals. If hunger came from lack of calories, it would take a long time for the fat people of the world to start feeling hungry. What will make you feel more satisfied? A banana or two blocks of chocolate (I’m sure nobody normal can stop at just 2 blocks by the way). So even just one packet of chips will push you over the limit of calories you would use up in one day. One bag of corn puffs¬†contains more than 1000 kilojoules, and that for eating, what feels like, air!!! Eating processed food is a recipe for perpetual failure.